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The vita chip is a collection of 13 body specific minerals as well as beneficially informed magnetite. Through this precise composition of materials, we create a harmony device for our body, mind, and soul. 

Bio-resonance - the new revolution within the realm of protection from harmful Geo-stress such as EMFs, but not only that, through the use of the vita chip you are continuously exchanging positive information with your body, allowing you to live a more active harmonies lifestyle. 

- Dr. Christine Surrago - Naturopathic Medicine

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Bio-resonance the force behind the vita chip 


Can such a little device really protect you from electrosmog? We went all the way to Switzerland to visit Stephanie Heiliger a very well known practitioner in quantum medicine to test the vita chip. All tests were done in one-minute intervals to measure the instant effects of the vita chip.

A brief intro into the vita chip and how it is applied.


An experience of one of our users and the results.




Headache was resolved immediately

"Had a hell of a headache and flu. I put the phone with the Vita chip on to my head and to my astonishment I discovered that after 10 minutes the pain was gone."

-Karin D., Singen

Bliss encounters solution

"I am in a high mass electric sensitive. I have many therapies behind me. I am blessed that I came in contact with the Vita chip, my hypersensitivity has improved tremendously."

-Carmen S., Uhldingen

Immediate effect

"Yesterday I received the precious envelope. I especially want to say thank you for the Vita chip! I feel a positive effect."


-Elizabeth W., Paderborn


"Had menstrual cramps, accompanied by very severe migraines. The pain was still there but in a milder form, and the migraine was completely gone. 

-Sabine S., Trochtelfingen


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