The reports speak for themselves!


Immediate effect
"Yesterday I received the precious envelope. I especially want to say thank you for the Vita chip! I feel a positive effect."

Elizabeth W., Paderborn

Also in the car is a harmonious companion
"I ordered a vita chip and believe that it is now more relaxed when I am on the mobile phone in the car. Previously I always had a feeling of pressure in my head. For our office in an institution for mentally and physically ill people, I intend now, to use the vita-chips as well."

Thomas F., Bruchhausen

Fresh and well-being
"First of all: your vita chip works: After initial placement of the chip vita I found a kind of freshness, perhaps you know that when you let a eucalyptus sweet melt in your mouth and you inhaul deeply afterwards, a mix of mountain air freshness... I do not know. It's well-being in every case. I now, only sleep with my phone."

Adrian A. Herne

More zest and life energy
"I had been suffering from exhaustion and lack of energy for a long time now. I tried the vita chip and now I am not so tired and exhausted anymore. I no longer need a nap as often. Furthermore, I can now sleep better at night."

Dagmar W., Zimmern

Achieved sensational success
Helmut S. 83, suffers from Alzheimer's disease which is in an advanced stage. At night he wakes up about every 15 minutes and is totally restless. It's very nerve-wracking for his wife, she can't even think of a restful sleep. On 05.30.2013 we placed a vita-chip on his cordless phone, since it is right next to where he sleeps. Mr. S. now sleeps through the night, if he goes to bed at about 9 pm he sleeps till about 3 am wakes up goes to the toilet and goes back to sleep until 7:30 am!

Helmut S., Mannheim

A blessing for harmony in the family
 "I made an interesting and positive experience with the vita chip. l will recommend this to my friends and of course my clients, I work mainly as a family therapist."

Ivonne B., Baierbrunn

Peak performance with the vita chip
"I'm a professional athlete and have two custom tuned vita chips on my legs, in every race. I have the vita chips with me in my pockets in order to perform better."

Katrin L., Riehen, CH

Great experience – can be used anywhere
"Super, super the vita chip covers the router, PC, phone, clock, Desk lamp, copier and fax machine. Based on my pendulum is detectable."

Waltraut C., Bondelum

Finally pain free
"My experiences with the vita chip: On the first night, the teeth and the gums were largely pain-free On 2nd day my coccyx pain was gone, because I placed my phone there. On 3rd day improve skin condition and felt like there was more light within the body. I immediately ordered more vita chips."

Gabriele B., Augsburg

Best way to help the whole organism
"I already know a lot of products on the market and I believe that your Vita chip is the best help for your organism. I also belong to the extremely sensitive individuals; however, the electromagnetic fields cause mainly my psyche to be weakened. Physical symptoms such as dizziness and headaches, which are strong as well, but the psyche problems outweigh by far the physical symptoms, through many years of EMF poisoning. For your product and your commitment to the health of the general public, many thanks."

Mathias S., Hamburg 

Enthusiasm from the beginning! It is my desire to thank you, so – THANK YOU! 
"As I was promised in your e-mail, I received this morning the recall from Mr. Andres, which I due to my previous experience with other companies had not expected. You guys "topped" it because of the fact that in all my questions were answered by Mr. Andres with the kindest, most confident and with the greatest detail. I was conveyed the feeling that I had been talking to someone whom has a great enthusiasm, a lot of love and commitment to "his" product."

Bernd M., Aachen

Vita chip belongs to the top class
"Hello Mr. Andres, First and for most I want to thank you very much, the chip is top class. All the best, sincerely " Horst W., Saarbrücken Absolute convinced "Send me another 3 vita chips on account. I will be giving these away, I am convinced of these chips, and thank you very much, what's new?"

Michael R., Palma de Mallorca

Bliss encounters solution
"I am in a high mass electric sensitive. I have many therapies behind me. I am blessed that I came in contact with the Vita chip, my hypersensitivity has improved tremendously."

Carmen S., Uhldingen 

Everything back on track
"I have had a stiff neck for the past 1 and a half months. The doctor could not help me, other than give me pain killers. When hung the vita chip around my neck, the pain was gone after 2 days and the neck was fully back in order."

Thomas P. Bodman  

Headache was resolved immediately
"Had a hell of a headache and flu. I put the phone with the Vita chip on to my head and to my astonishment I discovered that after 10 minutes the pain was gone."

Karin D., Singen

Freedom above the clouds
"Since I use the Vita chip, I have had no more headaches while flying. On top of that the jet lag has been limited."

Mary S., Worblingen

 Distribution is announced
"Will do my best to share your great video interview with as many people as possible. Stay fit and healthy Love and Light."

Michael R., Palma de Mallorca

"Had menstrual cramps, accompanied by very severe migraines. The pain was still there but in a milder form, and the migraine was completely gone. The chip was worn on the skin."

Sabine S., Trochtelfingen 

Everything works! 
"Thank you for sending me my ordered items! I have to give a special thanks to the great accompanying gift for the little Florian. The first tests turned out so well that it sounds almost unbelievable. This chip works great! Please send me 2 sets of the Vita-system 8."

Roswitha H. Kaindorf / Austria

Like a miracle – deep sleep
"After my cancer I suffered from extreme insomnia and restlessness. I tried the Vita chip, attached it to my phone and put it under my pillow. And by some miracle I sleep now, night after night, the nervousness and restlessness disappeared. I definitely won't be giving my vita chip away!"

Ivonne T., Gaienhofen

Do not worry – highly recommended! 
"Because of my great responsibility in professional life, I sleep poorly at night as well as mild panic attacks. I very often wake up at night and feel whacked the next morning. Through my wife I came into contact with the vita chip. I am normally very skeptical about such things. But after the first night with the vita glued on to my phone and placed under my pillow, it has made a tremendous improvement. I wake up much less; I am less nervous and more relaxed. I can definitely recommend the vita chip."

Andreas T., Gaienhofen

Significant improvement – Allergy-friendly! 
"I have the Vita chips on all electronic equipment, as well as on game consoles from my son because he is strongly affected by allergies. Using an individual-made chip combined with the vita chips a significant improvement of his allergies has occurred."

Anke M.